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 Le Janto vu par le Captain Jack Blog (S2)

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Date d'inscription : 20/03/2008

MessageSujet: Le Janto vu par le Captain Jack Blog (S2)   Ven 25 Avr - 23:12

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Entry 14

Other Staff issues: Gwen is now engaged. I'm happy for her, but I'm concerned about what it might mean - can she stay here, still keeping everything from Rhys? I worry that we're going to lose her. And I worry about Ianto. I think he took it harder than anyone when I ran off. It's going to take me a while to make things up to him. He is a decent, good man, and I'm lucky I met him.

Entry 15

Other Staff issues: I’m in trouble with Ianto for duct-taping a CB aerial to the SUV. Apparently the tape made the wing mirror “disconcertingly sticky”. Still, nothing a bit of warm, soapy water can’t fix.

Entry 16

Other Staff issues: Ianto and I made some progress, talked things through. What happened with Tommy got to us all. I know it got to Gerald and Harriet, too, back then, considering what they went through to try and make up for it – but that’s another story for another day.

Entry 17

Staff: Ianto turned into a fighting, kicking, stun-gun machine, it was very exciting. I must get put in danger more often.

Entry 18

Other security issues: The only thing out of place was Ianto’s diary, which I found in my office. Naturally, I gave it back to him immediately after reading through it. Several interesting factual errors in there - and I thought he would know how to convert inches to centimetres. You think you know someone...

Entry 20

Other Staff issues: In big trouble with Ianto for risking everything to go and get the second glove. I should have told him before I went, but he’d probably have cuffed me to the chair to stop me. And I’ve fallen for that one way too many times.

Entry 21

Other Staff issues: Now that we have all tried, it is clear that only Ianto knows how to operate that damn coffee maker. I suspect it contains alien technology.

Entry 23

Staff: Have convinced Ianto to take me to a normal cinema, to see an actual movie. He’s also curious to know if I still have my old circus outfit. If I can find it, I think a private show is in order.

Entry 24

Other Staff issues: Seeing Gwen experience it for the first time took me right back to when I first heard that terrible scream. After Gwen had gone home, I just held on to Ianto for a couple of hours, as tightly as I could.

Entry 25

Staff: Everyone came out of the explosion pretty beaten up, but no major damage. We got lucky. And so did John. Because if he’d killed anyone - if he had hurt Ianto - I would have slowly ripped him limb from limb.

Other Staff issues: Although I have to say, Ianto does look good all messed up and dirty.

Entry 26

Other Staff issues: The one glimmer of hope in all this? I still have Ianto and Gwen. Whatever the future throws at us, whatever madness the Rift vomits out next, whatever we have to face - Torchwood will be ready.

Capt. Jack Harkness.

Ianto, I know you’re reading this over my shoulder, pretending to fix that damn shelf. So get over here and take me out somewhere.


Alors c'est pas de l'amour ça, je vous le demande ma petite dame, c'est doux et tendre, presque pudique, surprenant.
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Date d'inscription : 27/03/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Le Janto vu par le Captain Jack Blog (S2)   Ven 25 Avr - 23:52

Pas beaucoup de place pour le Gwack dans le blog, on voit vraiment que Ianto est omniprésent pour Jack, comme j'aimerais ressentir ça devant un épisode, une fois pour toute !!!!!

Je croise les doigts pour avoir encore plus de Janto en S3, avec un peu plus d'assurance à propos de leur relation de la part des scénaristes, s'ils ont eu relation autant qu'elle soit montré comme n'importe quelle autre.
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MessageSujet: Re: Le Janto vu par le Captain Jack Blog (S2)   Sam 26 Avr - 0:14

Ah waw !!! Alors là c'est waw ! Comme il parle de son Ianto, c'est vraiment trop mignon ! Puis c'est marrant aussi lol!
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MessageSujet: Re: Le Janto vu par le Captain Jack Blog (S2)   

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Le Janto vu par le Captain Jack Blog (S2)
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